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Sizing the Market Opportunity Planning Template includes professionally engineered PowerPoints for:

  • Sizing the US Market
  • Addressable, served and target markets
  • Technology adoption curve
  • Sizing your market opportunity
  • Market penetration
  • Projecting revenue for your markets

VP Marketing, Startup “One of the first questions we had never answered was how big is our market. Rather than just take an industry report and say we were going to penetrate 1% or 10% of the market, we used the methodology in this template to perform a sizing activity for our addressable, served and target market.”

Peter is a strategic and visionary marketing executive and brand champion who has leveraged his unique combination of classical training and entrepreneurial experience at start-ups and F500 companies to transform technology innovations into multi-million-dollar revenue streams.
Peter Buscemi has held the title of :
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